My term 1 reflectoin

This term has been very exiting and we have done many exiting things like going to inter school sports,the environment leaders going to Phillip island, meeting and playing with our prep buddies, and doing all of the fun school subjects like, literacy,math,sport and art.

Overall my favorite thing would have to be going to Phillip Island.


In class today we watched a BTN video about the journey of rubbish to landfill and what landfill is. Rubbish starts of in our bins in our house then makes its way into our red lid bin which goes into the rubbish truck and the rubbish truck drives to the transfer station where the rubbish gets sorted out because some things can’t go into landfill then the truck load up to travel to landfill. Landfill is a place where all of the rubbish goes into a 16 meter deep pit in the ground in the middle of nowhere usually where nobody lives every day the rubbish gets compounded down and once the pit is near full they put thick layer dirt over it and ready to forget all of the rubbish was ever there and the pit produces electricity for about 50 years.                                                To help the situation be even better we could have a red recycle bin for plastic bags and flexible plastics just to make sure that none of them go into landfill or you could also see what goes in what bins so things that can be put in other bins instead of landfill.                                                                         What do you think you could do to help the situation?

Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island sits in the southwest pacific ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. It became a Tasmanian State in 1978 and was  added to the world heritage list in 1997.



The Island is home to many beautiful native animals including, Elephant seals, Hooker’s sea lions, Fur seals, King penguins, Royal penguins, Gentoo penguins, Rockhopper penguins and Albatrosses.


How big is Macquarie Island?

Macquarie Island is a small island that is approximately 128 km2





As well as animals Macquarie Island is home to many beautiful native plants like Poa foliosa, Stilbocarpa polaris, Colobanthus muscoides – showing seed, Ranunculus crassipes, Cardamine corymbosa, Luzula crinita and Aceana magellanica.  


How and when was it found?

Frederick Hasselborough discovered the uninhabited island accidentally on 11 July 1810 when looking for new sealing grounds.


Why was it named Macquarie Island?

The island took its name after Colonel Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821.



World heritage list-A list of places which is protected and can not be destroyed to build new things.

Native-living things that are naturally from that place




What have I learnt about people, places and events of Australian history from the last century?

This term in inquiry I have learnt so much about history and parliament especially about people like Vida Goldstein who stood for the right of women, Natasha Despoja who was the youngest person to go into politics, and many more. We also went to Parliament house in Melbourne and the State library and learnt heaps about how parliament works and about federation, democracy and government. From watching BTN we learnt so many facts about events for example  when voting started and how certain people could not vote like women or people under the age of 21 or people who had an Aboriginal or Torres strait islander background, from BTN we also learnt about the three levels of government, federation, state and local.



Info you need to know


Men’s 100 metre sprint final

Bolt’s super sprint

The gun goes off and there is some spectacular running on the  track. Usain Bolt is way back and Justin Gatlin’s got a good lead, until Bolt comes in hard, powering his way through the track. Gatlin’s is still in the lead, but not for long though, because Bolt, for the second time, comes running as fast as lightning  and he is powering ahead. Bolt wins with Gatlin as a close second. They are the first men ever to win 3 medals in the 100 metre sprint, but Bolt has now got three gold ones to show off to the world!

Here are the final results:

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