Bin Education

What goes in what bin at school…..


blue bin(rubbish)

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Any rubbish that can not be recycled, composted or reused

Green and yellow bin(recyclable) 

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anything recyclable(eg. paper, cardboard, cans, milk bottles and plastic bottles.)

blue bin with red lid (VISY)

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any paper or cardboard

red bin(flexible plastic)

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any  flexible plastic(eg. plastic bags)

compost bin

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any compost you have(eg. fruit scraps)

no citrus scraps(orange, lemon) 

Despicable me 3 could it be the next blockbuster?

Are you bored this holidays, well we have got the perfect solution for you


the despicable me series of moves have just produced their newest one being despicable me 3. the movie starts with a news reportet talking about a former movie star balvazar bratt. Bratt and his robot henchman Clive are staking out a ship carrying the world’s largest diamond. Bratt gets his heist music going as he sets off to steal the diamond. He uses self-inflating bubble gum traps on the ship’s guards as he gets closer to it. Hot on his tail are Gru and Lucy (Kristen Wiig), plus Minions Jerry and Tim (Pierre Coffin). Bratt’s gum causes the ship to start floating in the air, and Bratt gets his hands on the diamond.

(Watch movie to find out what happens next.)

If you want to see more go to mia mavellous blog

Family Maths Night

On Wednesday at 6:30pm we had family maths night. We learnt a lot of new things about maths and what all of the different year levels learn in class. A lot  of families came and joined in the fun, there was at least 50 families all in different year levels. It was very interesting to see how maths has changed over the years and the different ways the younger year levels learn compared to when we where in that year level(eg: Prep).

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