math conversions

This picture shows how to convert MASS units if you look at the table and you want to convert.

eg;3 kilograms to a gram follow the chart and times it by 1000 and the answer will be 3000.

You could do it the other way too converting grams to kilograms.

eg; 3000 grams turns into 3 kilograms

this works because a kilogram is 1000 grams.

Australia Day: Should it be changed ?

January 26th most commonly known as Australian day is a day all Australians celebrate, but the question going around is should it be changed? For years aboriginals have have called this day invasion day because the English took over their land .

My opinion is it should stay the same, because we have had this tradition for many years and it does not seem right to change it. (in  my opinion it is like changing A.N.Z.A.C day because a lot of people are sad about that.) Australia day is not just about the English coming to Australia anymore it is about being united as one nation, Australia.

Even though we are all upset about what happens on January the 26th, that does not mean we can change what has happens the years ago!

Comment down below what you think.

which one is the odd one out?


Can you find the odd one out?

If you can tell me in the comments


Descendants 2!

Mal returns to the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma the daughter of Ursula, is the self-proclaimed queen of the town and who plans to break the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, and free all the villains imprisoned on the Isle.

The movie contains a lot of catchy songs and cool dance moves, some of the songs include ways to be wicked, whats my name, chilling like a villain, you and me and many more.

My favourite was Ways to be Wicked (Sienna)                                                                    

My favourite song was chilling like a villain (Caoimhe)

We have met new characters like Uma the daughter of Ursula, Harry the son of Captain Hook, Gil the son of Gaston and Dizzy the daughter of Drizella and granddaughter of Lady Tremaine.

We liked all the great, catchy songs and dancing. We also liked the costumes for the new and original characters, the amazing story line with Mal coming back to the Isle and the two great fights in the movie, the first fight was on Uma’s ship were Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay and Lonnie save Ben with their SWORDS while the second big fight was between Mal and Uma, Mal turns into a DRAGON like her mother did in the first movie and Uma turns into a GIANT Cecaelia( half human, half octopus creature).

In conclusion we think this movie is awesome and we both recommend you watch it.

By: Sienna and Caoimhe Image result for descendants 2 cast

Guess how many pigs!


Try and guess how many pigs there are? (leave guess in the comments)

I will put the answer in the comments on the 9th of September. 

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